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I welcome you to the Official Website of Our Saviour’s Church TBS, Lagos, Nigeria; the Church is spiritually dynamic, united, disciplined and self supporting. It is committed to pragmatic evangelism, social welfare and epitomizes the genuine love of Christ.


Vicar and Archdeacon
Ven. S. Igein Isemede

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Thu 29th January, 2015
Theme for the week :
Nigeriaís future in your thumb!
Quote for the week

“Jesus of Nazareth, a Man attested by God to you, by miracles, wonders and signs.”  (Acts 2: 22)

Bible verse for the week

“The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe in the Gospel”  (Mark 1: 15)

Thought for the week


Shortly after the Nigerian Civil War early in 1970, my three-bedroom flat at 7, Edo College Lane, Benin City was inundated one night by a record 21strong guests from ‘Biafra’. The bachelor that I was, I went into my kitchen, picked 21 eggs, got some tomatoes and made egg stew to go with the boiled yam. Yes after, when I shared the experience with my wife, she smiled and told me that I did not need to break 21 eggs for that meal. Adding some diluted powered milk would have reduced the cost of eggs. Every house wife knows what ingenuity she has to put in place to ‘s-t-r-e-c-h’ meals to keep within budget. During the Second Republic in the early eighties, Nigeria sold off her fleet of F 27 and F 28 aircrafts. A company in Libya bought one of them. Years later in preparation for a State Visit to that country by the t...
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Activities for the week
EPIPHANY 3 -  25/01/15        
Liturgical Colour:  GREEN
Theme:  “Nigeria’s future in your thumb!”
0800 Hrs:  Holy Communion
O/T:     Neh. 1: 1-20 -    Lady Ngozi Obikili
Epistle: Acts 6: 1-7 -   Mr. Ore Onakoya 
Gospel: Matt. 5: 13-16 -   The Revd Canon Clement Iwuoha
1100 Hrs:  Mattins
O/T: Neh. 1: 1-20 -   Lady Nkoli Moka
N/T: Acts 6: 1-7 -  Ms. Ogechi Okoro
Theme:  “The wonders of His saving love”
(As per special programme)   

Daily, 26-30/01/15   7.15 a.m Holy Communion Service
Tues. 27/01/15 6 p.m. Choir practice
Wed. 28/01/15 7.15 a.m. Mid-Week Communion
        3 p.m. Staff Fellowship
          6 p.m. Prayer meeting
Thur. 29/01/15 5 p.m. PCC meeting
          6 p.m. Choir Practice
Fri. 30/01/15 10.30 p.m. Glorious Night (Vigil)
Sat. 31/01/15   12.noon. 75th Birthday Service
            6 p.m. Intercessory Prayers
SEPTUAGESIMA SUNDAY -  01/02/15        
Liturgical Colour:  GREEN
Theme:  “Christ:  The Way, the Truth and the Life”
0800 Hrs:  Choral  Communion
O/T: Isaiah 30: 18-21 -    Mrs. Ada Smith
EPISTLE: I Cor. 4: 1-13 -    Mrs. Ifeoma Ezeifemeelu
Gospel: Matt. 5: 1-12 -   The Revd Akpoghene Okoro
1100 Hrs:  Holy Communion
O/T: Isaiah 30: 18-21 -    Mrs. Joyce Bolokor
EPISTLE: I Cor. 4: 1-13 -    Dame Princess Uzo Karenate-Egbuson
Gospel: Matt. 5: 1-12 -   The Revd Canon Clement Iwuoha
1800 Hrs.  Holy Communion
O/T: Isaiah 30: 18-21 -    Miss Ibigbeye Samuel
EPISTLE: I Cor. 4: 1-13 -    Ms. Ogechi Okoro
Gospel: Matt. 5: 1-12 -   The Revd Canon Clement Iwuoha